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66 Years of Excellence in Ayurveda

S.B. Pharmaceuticals was established in 1952 in Ernakulam by Shri Pappu Vaidyar. He was a renowned Ayurvedic Physician who had great insight in ayurvedic treatments. The Ayurvedic medicines prepared at S.B. Pharmaceuticals are known for its quality and effectiveness.

"Ayurveda" literally means the "science of life". It deals not merely with Medical Science, but also with the Social, Ethical, Intellectual And Spiritual life of man. Ayurveda represents a beautiful blending of the accuracy of science and the sublimity of Philosophy, Poetry and Art. According to the doyens of Ayurvedic Medicines, a living creature is composed of Soul, mind and body. It is the compound of these three elements, that is the subject matter of the science of life. The soul is regarded as immutable, incapable of being affected by anything and being eternal.

SB's own herbal garden and world class R & D facilities. Company has developed 21 Proprietary Ayurvedic formulations for curing chronic elements.
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